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Our Technology

We pride ourselves on using technology that meets and exceeds the expectations of our industry. Our team uses our Atlas Valet Trash App to track every trash bin serviced as well as potential violations that can occur on site.  


Each trash can is tagged with a custom code with its' unit details. Along with tracking every unit our team visits, we also scan trash cans that violate your community's trash collection rules.

When a unit violates one of the rules for valet trash services on site, their bin's trash can is scanned and recorded within the Atlas Valet Trash Services app.

When a unit's trash can is scanned, the unit and violation details are recorded and logged inside of our team's app.

Successfully serviced units and units that have violated pre-determined rules for your community are reported daily to your team on site!

Geo-fencing for each community to track our team's arrival at each location for timely service.

Violations tracked every evening and presented in an easy to read way for your onsite team. 

Programs built to roll-on as your community begins offering Valet Trash Services.

Weekly bulk trash removal services for unsightly, awkward, large pieces of trash such as couches.

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