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Atlas Valet Trash Services

Atlas Valet Trash Services is your one stop show for all valet waste removal needs at your multifamily community.

Valet Trash Services

Our porters visit your community based on a pre-set weekly schedule to pickup the trash set out by each of your units on site. Atlas Valet Trash Services provides a bar coded, 13 gallon trash bin for every unit enrolled for the valet trash service.  These trash bins should be set out by the beginning of our scheduled service time.

During our visit to your community, our porters are scanning each trash bin visited, providing our team and your's with time stamped proof that each of your community's units were visited.  Should a unit not be in compliance with the valet trash service rules at your community, our team records the violation digitally, notifies the tenant, and reports back to your on site team daily with the collected violations. 

Bulk Trash Haul Away Services

Do you occasionally have old couches, bikes, or TV's collecting around your community's on site dumpster? Atlas Valet Trash will pick up and remove bulk trash from your property. 2-3 Times a week, our team will load up your community's bulk trash and remove it from your community. 

Valet Recycling Services

Alongside our Valet Trash services, we also offer the weekly option to pickup recyclables from your residents. Atlas Valet Trash provides the bags necessary for collecting recyclables and also provides refill bags weekly for your residents. 

During recycling pick up days, our porters will collect the recyclables put into the provided recycling bags and take them to your community's local recycling distribution center. Our team will also give your tenants a fresh recycling bag!

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